"Your loving heart is my salvation.

My Hell and Heaven are in your eyes."

Feature Film (110 min.)

Fantasy, Drama

Language: English

Status: In development

EASTERN LEGEND is a tragic story of love between demon and earthly woman.

The most saint and great-spirited of all Gabriel falls and turns into Demon. He teaches sin and poisons people's hearts with evil. They fall so easy, not even worth his skill; all, except Tamara. Young Georgian Princess is like edelweiss that blooms at the top of Caucasus. Every man in Georgia wants to win her heart.  But she is inaccessible, rare beauty and yet so strong and vital.

Demon suddenly comes to hate his power and empty life. He believes that Tamara's love will purify his heart and he’ll become a human again. But does Demon have heart? Why future queen Tamara should care for such a vicious creature? He'll learn the answers as well as that the price to save his soul is not only Tamara's love but her life.

EASTERN LEGEND is inspired by classic romantic poem Demon, written by well-known Russian poet Michael Lermontov (1814-1841).

This story is reflected in many works of European Art such as Michael Vrubel's world-famous paintings “Seated Demon”, “Demon and Tamara”, “Dancing Tamara ”; Anton Rubinstein's opera and ballet on Sergey Rachmaninov’s music.